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Lustre of London's 1950s Opulence

Posted on March 23 2016

Lustre of London

I'm pleased to announce the addition of a new range to my online store: the iconic silver and platinum jewellery of British studio Lustre of London.

The company's co-founder, Lesley Cole, traded for many years in fine vintage jewellery at Gray's Antiques Centre in London. This background gave her an expert's understanding in precious jewellery: how it's made, what works and what customers are looking for.

Lustre of London Studs

Since much of the jewellery she sold featured real diamonds and precious stones, it was not affordable to most and lacked versatility - customers were afraid to wear their pieces for fear of losing them! This led Lesley to envisage a range of high-quality, high-end jewellery that came with a more accessible price tag than the rare, antique kind.

Together with a small team, Lesley set about designing intricate, finely-crafted pieces that were inspired by the classic designs she was familiar with. More contemporary styles, like hoop earrings, were also given a timeless touch with the inclusion of hundreds of minute Cubic Zirconia stones.

As a less expensive, man-made alternative to diamond, CZ gems almost rival the stone for purity and hardness. Lustre's resulting pieces are flawless, classically stylish and indistinguishable from real jewellery.

I'm in love with this range - it perfectly complements the more colourful and offbeat jewellery in my collection and has proved very popular in my Bath shop.

Enjoy browsing!


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