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Furious Goose ...For Those Who Dare to Be Different!

Posted on November 08 2018


Scarves have always been my weakness and my time working with Georgina von Etzdorf in London's Burlington Arcade taught me to appreciate their value as an accessory and as a stand alone piece.

I own a huge and ever growing scarf collection and have great fun with them all as I'm a dab hand at using a variety of knots, drapes and scarf rings to great effect.


Thus it was a huge  pleasure to meet Patrick Morrison from the fantastic 'Furious Goose' - a company that creates scarves using all the necessary components for classic high quality but also turns tradition on its head with their iconoclast design approach; creating something unique, beautiful and so much fun. In their own words they don't just design accessories, they create conversation starters!

Furious Goose is a Brighton based business that is proud to be made in Britain, believing that by being local they have the control necessary to offer you THE BEST product.

Their designs are printed on both sides of the scarf and the pieces that I am stocking in the shop are all hand rolled and made with the highest quality, weighty silk twill.

Now I just adore black and strong colours ( you just need to look around my shop to see that ) and I was fascinated to discover Furious Goose rarely use black, even for outlines, relying instead on deep hues and tonal contrast to create definition and give their designs a gorgeous 'glow'.

Near needless to say, a lot of these gorgeous pieces were snaffled up by myself and my staff before they even hit the shop floor!




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