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Marcasite Magic!

Posted on December 07 2017

Christmas trees and robin brooches

Marcasite jewellery, interestingly enough, isn't actually made from marcasite (white iron pyrite) but from pyrite itself, which is less brittle and more durable.

It is a gemstone that has been used since the time of the Greeks and the Incas to create beautiful decorative work, but became stuck in a bit of a jewellery rut and for many years reminded us all of musty Great Auntie Doris' old fashioned brooches.

I think Queen Victoria had something to do with this, as when Prince Albert died in 1861, Victoria made her court wear black and avoid ostentatious jewellery. Thus marcasite came into its own as a middle class substitute for diamonds, and although there are some fabulous designs from the Victorian, Deco and Art Nouveau era, it sadly logged into peoples consciousness as being associated with anti glamour, austerity and mourning.

Those days are now long gone with the advent of companies such as Luke Stockley and Jonathan Lynn who have revitalised traditional marcasite jewellery to remind us how truly beautiful it can be.

Luke Stockley was originally founded with support from HRH Prince Charles's charity 'The Prince's Trust' an organisation that helps young people to start their own business. That was 24 years ago and Luke's business has gone from strength to strength with its  philosphy of providing their customers with stunning jewellery of exceptional quality, remaining at the heart of the company. 

Jonathan Lynne Ltd is a family business founded in 1984 which specialises in creating jewellery of an antique style with a contemporary perspective. Beautifully made with the most incredible high calibre work, this jewellery is simply gorgeous (and to raise Jonathan Lynn even higher in our esteem, the company actively supports the work of Children's Hospice South West).

Marcasite and Blue opal jewellery



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