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Spring/Summer Forecast 2019- Confidence, Strength and Joy!

Posted on February 23 2019

              Image Courtesy of Furious Goose


The sale that we've had over the last few months has done a great job of clearing the way for all the wonderful new jewellery that will soon be filling our shelves.

One of the ranges we are excited about getting new designs from, is British based business Ottoman Hands. We only started stocking this great company late last year, and already it has become a mainstay of Alexandra May Jewellery.

Fitting in beautifully with Alexandra May's ethos of unique and well made contemporary costume jewellery, Ottoman Hands designer and founder, Deniz Gurdal finds her inspiration in the centuries old jewellery traditions of the Ottoman Empire. Jewellery that encapsulates the beauty of the past is especially perfect in a Roman Spa city like Bath (where we are based), where the ancient and modern entwine so intriguingly.


             Deniz Gurdal, her mother Gulhis and her daughter Melodi

Every piece of jewellery by Ottoman Hands is handmade with 21ct gold plated brass, and inset with a selection of semi precious stones. Lovely, lovely work and the Spring Summer '19 collection is the best yet!


Looking at the trade shows and the imagery from SS/2019 London Fashion Week and what comes to mind is individual expression, inclusivity and sustainability.

I've always been a supporter of the small company, sole trader and individual artisan. There is a feel to jewellery that has been made by an individual craftsman, which makes it all the more special. Buy less and buy better, and you will have something for life that makes you look wonderful, feel great and eventually becomes part of many of your life memories.

Now England is going through some changes at the moment and none of us really know what is to come, but what we can do is be strong in ourselves, whatever age, shape, gender or colour we are.

It's great to finally see this attitude celebrated and have London Fashion Week loudly acknowledge that humanity is made up of so many types, all of whom are an important part of our diverse and fascinating world.

Be confident in how you express, make conscious choices, and always, always, have fun!


Header Image Credited to Furious Goose- Model Wearing Furious Goose Scarf




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