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  • Summer's Hot New Accessory - The Hair Clip

    May 15 2014

    Summer’s hot new accessory is the hair clip, and nobody does it better than Ricardo Douaihi. Based in Madrid, the capital of Flamenco, Ri...

  • Save The Date: Wedding Jewellery

    May 07 2014

    With British Elle magazine launching their first ELLE WEDDING in September, and with the wedding season upon us, it seemed only appropr...

  • Happy 10th Anniversary Anton Heunis!

    May 01 2014

    To celebrate his 10th anniversary, Anton Heunis, has created a Special Edition of deletable earrings that are now available at Alexandra...

  • Konplott - The Doris Daisy Collection

    Apr 23 2014

    My first thought when I saw the new Doris Daisy collection from Konplott was that it was like the prettiest firework display, with brigh...

  • The Great Swarovski

    Apr 03 2014

    Hear the word 'crystal', and you expect the word 'Swarovski' to precede it. Swarovski crystals are are epitome of quality and style, if ...

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