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  • Kaleidoscope Jewels

    Oct 08 2014

    Every few months I like to produce a handful of beautiful postcards for the shop, so that both visitors and customers have something to ...

  • Pretty In Pink

    Sep 29 2014

    Last winter was all about the pink coat, but this season our favourite shade of rose has spilled into accessories. Pink does not have to...

  • The Scarf Ring

    Sep 10 2014

    I talked about rings back in July and I'm so relieved that they weren't just a summer fling. Rings are here to stay, and there is nothi...

  • An Explosion Of Summer Colour

    Jul 21 2014

    For the first time in as long as we can remember, we're having a FABULOUS summer! It's hot, the sun is shining (most of the time) and we ...

  • A Trip To Scotland

    Jul 18 2014

    We have spent the last two weeks staying in the most wonderful part of Scotland, Nairn on the Moray Firth coast. Perfect for exploring th...

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