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Simon Harrison Fabulous Frog Prince Earrings (SHJ024)


Simon Harrison Frog Prince collection

Made of beautifully sculpted gold plated base metal which is hand enamelled in a luminous bright green

Set with tiny emerald green glass cabochon stones which are handmade by craftsmen in Germany

Wonderfully three dimensional

If you look carefully there is a magical secret nestled inside the curve of the earring. A frog in one and a crown in the other!

2.5 cm long x 1.5 cm at widest point

Simon was inspired by the frog prince story which is often used as a metaphor for the trials and tribulations of love and romance. Reminding us that appearances can be deceptive and love can come from the most unexpected places

Storytelling and visual inspirations form an important part of the Simon Harrison jewellery collections

Incredible colours and textures that 'pop' in the best possible way!

 'You have to kiss a lot of Frogs'! 



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