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Cavendish French Rhodium Plated Silver Floating Saturn Pendant (CF6298NC)


Rhodium plated 925 sterling silver

18ct. rose gold plated

Featuring 3 rose gold rings & 5 rose gold beveled CZ (cubic zirconia) that float freely within the pendant

72 tiny CZ's set into the silver frame with 9 more on the pendant loop

3.5 cm diameter

Weighs approx 14g

Comes with a rhodium plated faceted ball chain which is ever so slightly twinkly

Adjustable length chain 19.5"/50cm to 21.5"/55cm

What is so fun about this jewellery is the way the pieces float around inside

Known as 'Happy Diamonds' Chopard were the first to float their real diamonds in this way

Stunning pendant necklace!





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