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As a child, growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, I had a passion for jewellery. From as early as three years old I was wearing it. I have an old black & white photo of a group of small children at my nursery, and there I am, the only one covered in plastic necklaces & bracelets!

I studied at the London College of Fashion and went on to become a stylist for fashion magazines, and it soon became clear that jewellery was where my real passion lay.

I opened Alexandra May Jewellery twenty years ago, and haven’t been able to stop buying jewellery ever since. I love discovering new designers and absolutely love helping my customers to find the perfect piece that they can treasure for years to come.

Of course, my own dressing table is laden with all my treasured finds, from earrings and rings, to necklaces, bracelets and cuffs! I sometimes have to cull what I’ve put on in the mornings. I wish I could wear it all!

If I could sum up my obsession for jewellery in a few words, it would be this: I live & breath jewellery!


For further details and information, please call us directly on +44 1225 465094 or send an email to Alexandra or one of her girls will get straight back to you.

Thank you for joining in with the passion!

Alexandra May




A special thanks to Pixie App for taking this fab picture of me!

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